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Let's talk about the youth and Depression #AsicamtheEswatini #YouthConnet

Young people can feel sad and worried about life events such as exams, fights with family or friends, changing schools or moving house. If the feelings of sadness go on for weeks or months and affect everyday life, the young person may have depression. Symptoms of depression in young people include feeling grumpy, having trouble sleeping, feeling worthless or guilty, eating more or less than usual and gaining or losing weight. Life situations can contribute to depression in young people but sometimes there seems to be no reason. Encourage young people to talk about how they feel with someone they know and trust such as a parent, teacher, school counsellor, family member or friend.
An important next step is for the young person to visit a doctor to learn about depression and how it is treated.

Young People, Education and Crime, Gender based violence & Substance Abuse.

On this video we look at Young People, Education and Crime, Gender based violence & Substance Abuse. Meet Sandy a social worker from Phumelela Projects who works with children with the law. -

"Not that we don't have dreams as young people. We do have dreams but we are discouraged by the poor access to youth programme funds. The responses are not welcoming; they willl say we need some capital before we can even be considered for additional funding and we do not have this. So we will go to crime." - Young person, aged 21 

Criminal involvement and low educational attainment among young people are two social problems with common roots and overlapping features. Not much is known about how these two problems are interrelated. Criminal involvement may causally influence educational attainment, and vice versa. At the same time, criminal involvement and educational attainment outcomes can both be driven by multiple, potentially overlapping, observed and unobserved factors, such…

Male Engagement & Gender Based Violence

Hello Yammies. Meet Mfundo Hlatjwako, a flas volunteer and community outreach mentor for young men and boys. He takes us deep into Gender Based Violence from what causes men to be violent and we talk about Violence against men. Watch the video for more.