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The Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) has launched the African Citizens Initiative (ACI) in the country to mobilise the extensive network of volunteers, corporate partners, friends and staff for resource mobilisation purposes. The ACI is one of the many initiatives undertaken by FLAS and IPPFAR to respond in the changing donor architecture and reduction in core funding as traditional donors shift their focus to other global priorities. The African Citizens Initiative will then create and support a pooled fund to eventually replace the reductions in core funding that member Associations are experiencing.

What is the African Citizens Initiative?
The African Citizens Initiative (ACI) is an innovative regional approach which seeks to use the extensive network of FLAS volunteers, friends, partners and staff for resource mobilisation purposes through making pledges of a fixed amount of money over certain period of time. This is a Peer to Peer fundr…

Sexual Rights Are Human Rights!

Sexual Rights Are Human Rights! The Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) took a paradigm and strategic shift in 1999 after the IPPF conference to focus on young people and integrate Sexual and Reproductive and Health Rights programing. The focus has brought about a lot of controversy amongst the conservative and religious sector especially when SRHR is used in conjunction with young people. Hence the objective of today’s article is to explain what are Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights as well as the essence of providing comprehensive SRHR services and information to young people in Eswatini.
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) encompasses all of the rights and issues surrounding a person’s Sexual and Reproductive life. These rights are closely linked with other internationally recognised human rights, such as the right to privacy, the right to education and information, the right to equality and freedom from violence and all forms of discrimination, the rig…